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RVing is all about having fun in the great outdoors (or an awesome RV park) and connecting with friends and family. But chances are high you’ll end up with a few little visitors who are not on your guest list.

If you’ve been taking a lot of RV trips, you know who we’re talking about. Wherever your RV or camper happens to go this summer, it’s likely you’ll have some mice trying to squat in your luxurious pad.

Feel free to evict those suckers, or keep them out from the get-go with these tried and true tips.

How to Keep Mice Out of Your RV

How to Keep Mice Out of Your RV

Block their entry points.

If you’re like us, you love your RV. And that probably means you know its entry points. But think about this: mice are a whole lot smaller than you and I, and they can squeeze themselves through really tight spaces.

Take a good look around your RV and make a list of plausible mice entryways. Keep in mind that a mouse can squeeze itself through a hole the size of a dime.

Once you find any “vulnerable” areas, it’s time to block those suckers up.  What you use to block them is up to you.

Spray foam is an easy, no-hassle way to quickly block a hole. This is particularly effective in spaces underneath the rig, inside storage compartments, and around plumbing feed-through holes.

Other options include power cord holes, mesh screens, and even steel wool. Steel wool will quickly deter a mouse that gets antsy enough to try to chew his way through.

Keep it clean.

Another great way to keep mice out of your camper is to make it boring – to the mouse, that is. The upside of this is that your RV will likely become MORE appealing to you as it becomes less so to a mouse.

Remove food that is left in unsecured places. If you’re keeping food around, inspect the storage compartments, cupboards, or fridge for access points (even the tiny ones).

Clean out loose paper products, clothing, and other fabrics, because mice love to nest in them.

Mice also love the dark, so installing a nightlight or two may help deter the critters from your rig. Outside lighting is also a great option to keep them from even getting near your territory.

Get a professional mouse deterrent.

If you really want to make sure you’re keeping the rodents out, turn to a commercial mouse deterrent. Fresh Cab and Mouse Free are both products you can buy that keep mice out of your RV.

Fresh Cab comes in small pouches of botanical material that really turn mice off. Drop a few around the outside of your RV and chances are, you won’t have a mice problem.

Mouse Free is a product you can spray on the undercarriage of your RV that keeps them from sneaking in.

Wagner’s RV is a licensed dealer for Mouse Free (we can install it or we have do-it-yourself kits).

Trap them.

If you’ve already got squatters and you’re ready to evict them, nothing works better than old-fashioned mouse traps. Those little puppies are cheap and easy to use. The only downside is you’ll have to dispose of the dead mice, but at least they won’t be in your RV anymore.

Try a natural mouse deterrent or homemade mouse repellent.

While a commercial solution is easy, there are lots of home remedies you can concoct yourself to deter mice and rats.

Many people claim that fabric softener sheets are a big mice deterrent. While it’s a little impractical to line your RV with dryer sheets while you’re on the go, layering them throughout the rig while it’s in storage is a great way to keep the pests away—and to keep it smelling fresh!

Irish Spring soap, moth balls and peppermint oil work the same way. They deter mice and are easy homemade mouse repellents.

Have you won the battle of RV vs. Mice? Tell us your secret!

51 responses to “5 Ways to Keep Mice Out of the RV or Camper

  1. Last yr I found dryer sheets in the mouse nest by my water heater and the little buggers ate my Irish spring. The one place I put mint tea bags had no mice. I don’t know if it was the tea bags or they just couldn’t get in that part. This yr I am doing mint tea bags and cotton balls dipped in mint oil. Hopefully it works if not at least my camper smells nice.

    1. Hi Suzie,
      Since you placed the mint cotton balls & tea bags, have you noticed the mice to be gone? I’m new to the RV lifestyle (I’m living in mine) & I found 2 & killed them. I just woke up to the sound of one. I NEED them to be gone! Thanks!

  2. We apparently have a mouse in the ceiling of our new RV. I found feces in the pantry and in some of the kitchen drawers. The little sucker woke me up this morning scampering across the ceiling in my bedroom. How do I get rid of this thing when it’s hiding in the ceiling?

    1. We had an exterminator come in because two died in the vent sustem! We also wanted the vents bombed with disinfectant. Mice can carry rotovirus.
      We then used bags of Fresh Cab throughout and used lots of foam to seal every potontial entry area. No more problems in 2 years.

    2. Get high let the smoke float up into the ceiling get the mouse high he will start looking for food as he will have the munchies. When he gets in the cupboard turn on some Moody Blues tunes and that will make him nod out. Grab his tail toss him out.

  3. Hi. I am happy to see the article about mint tea bags!! Easy to use. I read somewhere that mice don’t like the smell of bay leaves. I found a large jug of bay leaves at URM and bought a few nylon ankle stockings to put them in. I will put them in each cabinet and storage area. We will take our travel trailer out of storage soon and check for signs. It is new. I will be ready to arm our cabin on wheels soon. Last summer was the first time we used our trailer. A friend had a huge problem with mice in his Toy hauler. Gross. The signs were all in his kitchen area. I will have to tell him about the bleach to water clean up and the mint tea bags. Wow! the mice liked the bounce and used it for their nest? I was hoping cedar balls or blocks or chips would work also but just read that cedar doesn’t work? Our camping starts soon so I am gearing up.

    1. Also, the Irish spring did not work? I put that around my garden and the deer do not go into it. Of course it is also surrounded by chives and lavender which they do not like. Maybe I will also find lavender sachets for the RV. Maybe mice don’t like that scent either. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Same here with me. No problem last year but sure have them this year. Dryer sheets all over and mice loved them.

    2. Hi. Bounce works for me. I load up my camper with them in draws n in cabinet s on floor under sinks and in all the vents in tub u name it and I have no mice .
      I put baby powder all around my doors and counter top and each window s to keep Ants away . I use zip lock bags to keep things safe .

  4. We cover our heat registers when not in use . We do not have a mouse problem in the past 10 years, knock on wood.

  5. In the Pacific Northwest we also have the problem of mold and mildew during the winter months. We use the DampRid lavender bags in our 28 foot rig and change them every month. The lavender is a pretty strong smell and over three winters did not have any sign of mice, we only had a problem during last summer when we had removed the bags and aired the rv out. We then had a huge invasion and spent two months in battle with them. The Cab Fresh and ultra sonic devices (4) did not seem to have any effect on the mice. We went back to traps and poison.

  6. the mice ate through the the spray foam, also had dryer sheets and fresh cab, oh yes many of those plastic black mouse traps, help

  7. I just bought a used class c 31ft motorhome and of course there is mice. I have used cab fresh seems to keep them away at the entry points. I am using the cheapy mouse traps Wal-mart 2 pak for $0.88 each. Killing off the unwanted residents until they are gone. I located the main nest in the house battery compartment stair where the power wires come in. I am trying to find where they sell the dark grey spray foam it seems that is what most RV places use. Once I seal all the entry points which there are plenty of places water lines and power wires. I am going to use Mouse free DIY with the sprayer for the under carriage. I hear this works very well and last approximately 6 months and over winter with snow they’ll be looking for a warm home. I hope my efforts pay off as I bought this for our family to enjoy and see the US East to West coast.

  8. Knock on wood I have used Downy dryer sheets not bounce for 6 years and have not had mice. I put them in all the drawers and cupboards and leave them open and the closets. Plus, the camper smells great

  9. Put a tall empty waste basket in area where you see mice droppings. Lean a broom against it. Drop a pc of cheese into bottom of waste basket. They climb up the broom and jump or fall into basket to get the food. They can’t climb out.

    1. True. BUT we learned that by accident. Mouse fell in. Mouse made ridiculous mess. Mouse died. Camper smelled like dead mouse for a month. And we needed a new trash can. LOL.

  10. We tried the dryer sheets and Irish Spring also to no avail. We park our RV next to a field so we are very available to mice. Found three dead in our waste basket. Will try plugging holes and the mine tea bags/oil. Hopefully that works this year. Also will get underneath and plug holes wherever I can.

  11. We have tried dryer sheets, fresh cab, peppermint oil, plug in noise makers specifically for deterring mice and spring loaded mouse traps. Still we have had mice in our RV. We have tried filling every hole we could possibly see with the pest spray foam and still we have had mice. They have made nests out of the Steel wool we had and the dryer sheets. They have eaten the peanut butter off the spring loaded traps without springing the trap. NOTHING WORKS. Now, we clean everything and put out about 20 sticky traps (which I hate) with peanut butter in the center so that if/when they do get in they get stuck. If anyone knows something that actually works to keep them out, please let me know.

  12. After 3yrs of boondocking next to farmland and cleaning up and sanitizing mouse droppings and damaging mouse holes in our dual axel pop-up I have finally found something that works. BLINKING SOLAR LED LIGHTS. One 25ft strand I lay inside going through all the cabinets and another that surrounds the ground outside. IT WORKS!!! If I could only get solar inside when it’s in storage 🙁

  13. the waste basket will work put enough water in to drown them, but not to much that they’ll climb out. A little sunflower seeds on top of the water to draw them. Works on chipmunks also.

  14. I use d-con blocks with those little black and clear containers. Since you only get 1 container with a bag of the blocks I put the containers with poison where my dogs might get to (I’m careful to keep cabinets closed to keep dogs safe). I just put the blocks alone under cabinets, in drawers and especially in my outside under storage. I have noticed that a couple of these have been chewed but for the most part I’m mice free. Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 will be my first time winterizing and MH will be stored at a horse stable. I’m very concerned that mice from the 5 surrounding counties will move in. I’m going to try some of these more green ideas along with the d-con. I will be checking on the MH at least weekly so I can keep a handle on things. Thanks everyone for your ideas.

  15. Weve had travel trailers since 96, Have had no mice all these years , Stored in fields etc and Never had Mice issues Went out to get something in Trailer last nite and now Realized there has been mice around , On the bed ,Pillows , in the dog dish, Its been stored since Oct, Whats best way to get it, It has cover on it and Both slides in So makes it a little challenging to get in there and a foot of snow on top of Trailer, Will need it out sooner than later because of more damage a little critter can do

  16. I put spray foam in the holes of the plumbing and stuffed steel wool in the sticky foam and foamed on top of the steel wool!! Lets see them make nest of that!

  17. Fox urine it is NOT the best smell kind of musty soak cotton balls with it make sure it is in containers with a lid as the smell is over powering and than you can close them up and move them it will send the mice packing it might make you pack up too so use carefully

  18. If your having problems with them eating through the spray foam, try using tin foil to fill those holes.
    Looks funny but it works

  19. I have a cat, he takes care of business like a pro. Of course that’s while we are living in the camper -will resort to also using green ideas when the camper is not in use as it is stored in a very remote area with plenty of wildlife. Great ideas.

  20. make a feed for them use 2 cups flour your choice 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup baking soda mix well leave a drink they eat it and drink the soda swells in yhe belly mice cant fart so poof no more mouse.works well

  21. When we winterize our camper in the fall, holes are stuffed with steal wool, drawers and cupboards get emptied (contents stored in Rubbermaid totes).We put 80-120 Bounce sheets (not Downy) all over the trailer and add-a-room, including drawers, cupboards on/below mattresses, chairs, shelves, etc. I always keep element covers on the stove. For the past 10 years, we’ve had less than a beer cap full of mouse poop in the Spring…

  22. What I do at the end of the season is remove all draws ( silverware ect and put them in cabinets that do not have opening except for the door. That way in the spring no need to wash everything and the draw is clean and ready to reinstall..

  23. I tried the bounce sheets for last few years and put a whole large box 100 sheets in every spot possible but still have mice. I tried moth balls no mice but nasty smell the whole season. I am going with poison from now on. Cannot keep them out but need to make sure they die quickly

  24. Q We have a 2015 – 31ft travel trailer and we are having a bad mouse problem the last 2 months. Irish Spring, Bounce sheets, mouse traps w peanut butter, sticky traps, steel wool in any tiny hole, electronic gadgets, spray foam in any tiny hole and now peppermint oil on cotton pads. NOTHING helps. We can hear them in the walls or ceiling. Grrrrrr!! There is NO food or paper products in the trailer at all. The trailer has been scrubbed and wiped down. I’m frustrated and grossed out. We have hardly used the unit and it smells virtually like new.
    Any ideas???

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