Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing? If the twinkling lights and radio carols haven’t tipped you off yet, the holiday season is here. Around this time of year, the only thing that’s longer than Santa’s list is your to-do list. With family parties, work soirees and school commitments, finding time to buy a gift is tough, much less find something truly unique and special.

Holiday Gifts for the RV Lover

Enter your friendly neighborhood RV dealer! If you’ve got an RV lover in your life, we’ve got your list of fun and creative gifts that are sure to delight. And hey, if you’re the RV lover, why not put a few of these on your list (or treat yourself!)?

Travel Journal

Every RV aficionado is unique, but there’s one common strain about these RV nomads: they love to travel. Whether its upstate for a weekend or clear across the country, ever road trip is an adventure – and wholly unique in itself. A travel journal is the perfect way to help your loved one remember those great RV adventures he or she has had. Whether they jot down tips or tricks to remember, or carefully journal their activities on any given trip, your recipient (and their loved ones) will enjoy going back to reminisce about their favorite adventures. Choose a nice leather or hard covered version and you’ve got a beautiful keepsake for your loved one.

RV Bar Set

Let’s be honest, just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you should abandon your favorite way to wind down: with a nice glass of wine or a spirited cocktail. But chances are your home bar set isn’t exactly the kind of thing you want to pack up into your RV. A travel set is the perfect way to relax and even entertain while you’re on the road. Choose cocktail and wine glasses made from unbreakable materials to ensure they’re protected from unexpected bumps on the road. A small ice bucket and scoop and a mini martini shaker will round out the set. Throw in some disposable stir-sticks or wine glass rings for a handsome presentation.

Camp Griddle

What’s everyone’s favorite part of a camping or RV trip? Breakfast, of course! There’s nothing like waking up in the great outdoors to the smell of bacon frying and hot coffee brewing. Help your favorite nomad make decadent breakfasts when they’re on the road with a great camp griddle. You can use this over an outdoor fire, barbecue or on top of your RV’s indoor range. Fry up some bacon, flip some pancakes and perfect French toast for everyone (of just you) to enjoy. Combine with a spatula and pancake mix for a fun gift.

Personalized Nameplate

Home is where the heart is, and for your RV aficionado, the heart is on the road. But why not make that mobile retreat as personal as your own non-moving home? A beautiful, custom nameplate will help your loved one do just that. Used like a front door plate, your recipient can choose to display the beautiful plate outside their front door or on the RV living room wall. For an extra-special presentation, have an artist paint or draw a depiction of your loved one’s RV.

No Slide Drink Tray

What’s the worst part of relaxing with a cool beverage while on the road? Well, the likelihood of that drink winding up on your lap, of course! A no slide drink tray from trendsetter.com has you covered there. A powder-covered aluminum tray stays put on surfaces, while silicone bands allows you to secure glasses within it depending on their size. Present this with a great mixer or bottle of sparkling cider for a fun and festive gift.

Your turn: Got an RV aficionado in your life? What’re you gifting? If you’re an RV-lover, what’s on your list?

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