What Type of RV

There are lots of different types of RVs on the market, each suited for a different purpose. This guide will help you figure out which one is best for you.

Choosing The Right Type of RV

Your lifestyle, budget, family, and preferences should all be taken into consideration when you’re deciding what kind of RV to purchase.

For example, large families will feel cramped and frustrated in a small popup. The price may be appealing, but consider all factors lest you end with an unused camper in your driveway.

If you have a clear idea of what you want in a RV, you can probably find something that suits your budget.

For Occasional Weekend Warriors

You only go camping every once in awhile, and when you do, it’s usually just for a night or two.

There are a few options that suit this kind of camper personality:

Truck campers can fit into the bed of a pickup truck, and some of them have slide-outs and extendable components that give you a little more room. These are best for solo campers or couples that enjoy camping together.

Pop-ups and expandables are another option. They’re towed behind your vehicle and come with a huge variety of options, so your family can camp in comfort.

All of these options are budget friendly, easy to store when not in use, and comfortable for short term camping.

For Budget Conscious Summertime Travelers

You want to spend your summers on the road, and you don’t want to spend a fortune doing it. When you and your family are going to be in your RV for longer stretches, you want a little more space and some basic amenities.

Pop-ups and expandables are available with hookups and appliances, and they’re the most budget-friendly RV for families.

A Class C Motorhome could be another great deal for a small family of summertime camping lovers. These are small motorhomes built on truck chassis, so they can go more places than a big Class A coach.

Shop pre-owned trailers and motorhomes to save some cash and get a comfortable RV for a great deal.

For Road Trip Loving Families

Cramming your spouse and children into a tiny RV for long road trips gets irritating quickly. You need a little more room to spread out.

Families with multiple children (or just one teenager) should consider something like a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or a Class A motorhome so that each person can retreat to their own space when they feel the need for solitude and privacy.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time driving, a motorhome might be a better choice as it’s more comfortable to sit in the living space while someone drives.

For families that spend more time in campgrounds, a travel trailer or fifth wheel with slide-outs might give you more room to maneuver.

For Glampers

Traveling in comfort and style is the most important consideration for you. Maybe you live in your RV full time, or perhaps you travel the country for work and your RV is your home away from home.

For those that only want the best, a Class A motorhome or diesel coach is the top of the line.

Class A motorhomes come with a variety of amenities and modern comforts, and some of them are more luxurious than the average house.

While you don’t have to choose a Class A coach with all the bells and whistles, the available features are mind blowing in their variety and opulence. If you have the budget and the desire, you can’t find many RVs nicer than a top notch Class A diesel.

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