It’s that time of year again; sunshine, warmer temperatures, greener grass and a much-needed break from school, work and responsibility! If there’s one thing Americans love, it’s spring break. After the long winter, there’s nothing like packing up the RV and taking a little vacation – road trip style! Are you wondering where to spend this year’s break?

Where to go in your RV

We’ve got some ideas for you:

Yellowstone National Park

No destination is as classic as Yellowstone National Park. Imagine setting up the RV in a place where you’ll easily spot wildlife like deer, moose and (for better or worse) bears! Be sure to get the classic photo at Old Faithful.

Grand Canyon National Park

Talk about a break from the cold weather! The Grand Canyon is a spectacular place to spend your much-needed break. And with more than 277 miles of canyon, you’ll be on the move the whole trip!

Redwood National Park

Nothing makes you appreciate the splendor of nature more than the giant redwood trees of northern California’s Redwood National Park. Throw in some beautiful streams and moody, misty weather and you’ll be hooked.

Crater Lake

If you’re looking for a spectacular body of water, look no further. Crater Lake is an ethereal blue surrounded by dramatic cliffs. You’ll find the solitude you need right here.

Mt. Rushmore

Throw a little history into your trip by trekking to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Kids will love getting their iconic shot next to four famous presidents’ faces.

Arches National Park

Talk about a change of scenery! Arches National Park, located in southern Utah, is a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With dramatic red rock desert landscape, you’ll find more hiking, mountain biking and outdoor activities than you thought possible.

Walt Disney World

Believe it or not, Disney World can be an RV destination. Set up at Fort Wilderness, which offers fully equipped RV campsites. Then take on Disney!

Where are you spending your spring break? We want to know!

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