memorial dayWhether it’s due to a steadily improving economy or the fall of gas prices (or both!), this Memorial Day is bound to be well-traveled. In fact, this Memorial Day is shaping out to be highest for travel in the past decade. So if you’re planning to take to the open road this Memorial Day, you’re not alone; just make sure you make your destination count. You can’t go wrong with this list:

Washington D.C.

Talk about patriotic! What better place to spend the holiday weekend than Washington D.C. And it can also be pretty entertaining. The National Memorial Day Concert, hosted at the Capital Building, is a special and unique event each year. Listen to some patriotic music from the National Symphony Orchestra, military bands and others.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas, baby! If you’ve got some time, take the road well-traveled west to Las Vegas. With pools, parties, amusement parks, clubs, gambling, hiking, camping and other outdoor pleasures, Vegas is perfect for families, friends or a combination of both.

Austin, Texas

Diversity, thy name is Austin. Take a trip to this unique city for a weekend of good food, scenic walking trails and diverse nightlife. Want some traditional RV camping fun? Check out Lake Travis.

Denver, Colorado

If the West is your destination, you’ll find its heart in Denver. This city is great for families, with its diverse entertainment options. From zoos and museums to gardens and hiking trails, there’s something for everyone. Denver Day of Rock also happens to occur Memorial Day Weekend, so music fans may find this city Mecca.

Chicago, Illinois

It may be the windy city, but you’ll find May weather to be just fine in Chicago. And this city takes Memorial Day pretty seriously. An annual parade will entertain the family, while the Belmont-Sheffield Music Festival will give teens and adults some much-needed fun.

So where are you headed this Memorial Day?

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