Increasing Your RV Fuel Economy

With fuel prices at a reasonable level, now is the perfect time to head out for a weekend getaway. Even when it’s snowy and cold in many parts of the country, RV trips can be a fun way to hang out with family or friends.

RVing can be much more affordable (and fun) than flying, but that doesn’t mean it’s free. Since RVs tend to eat up a lot of gas, you’re likely always looking for ways to increase your MPG and keep a few dollars in your pocket. Here are our best tips for increasing your RV fuel economy.

RV Fuel Economy Tips

  • Unless recommended by your RV manufacturer, stick to standard octane gasoline. You’ll spend less than on the higher-octane premium fuels and you won’t increase your MPG by much.
  • Make sure your air filters are clean before you head off. A dirty air filter can actually decrease your fuel efficiency. A clean filter can mean better MPG – and more saved money.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Believe it or not, underinflated or overinflated tires can actually come back to bite you when you’re filling up. Your manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure will give you the best MPG possible.
  • Use cruise control. Those long, open highways are the perfect place to set that RV in cruise control. Cruise control helps you save gas because you’re not accelerating and braking regularly, both of which burn more fuel. You’ll get the best gas mileage at about 60 mph, so keep your cruise control set there if the conditions are safe.
  • Get your scheduled services. You might not want to spend the money, but regular services not only keep your vehicle in better condition over its lifetime, but they can also help you get the best gas mileage. Get your oil changed at the recommended intervals and follow the manufacturer’s scheduled services.
  • Use synthetic oil if your RV takes it. Speaking of oil changes, opt for synthetic over regular oil. This will help you increase your fuel efficiency.
  • Don’t blast the air. If you’re not dying of heat, go easy on the A/C. This little function burns up a lot of gas, so try to keep a moratorium on the icy air.

Drive Safe and Fuel Up Often!

As always, make sure you always keep your gas tank filled halfway or more. You never know what could happen, especially when you are out in nature in your RV! Stop to fill up often and have fun while doing it.

Here’s to a happy and fuel-efficient road trip! As always, contact us if you are looking for an RV or a service center. Have any other tips to keep fuel usage down in your RV? Comment them below and we’ll add them to the post.

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