Oh the holiday season. Like it or not, it’s here – and it will be for the next several weeks. If you’re not the traditional holiday dinner type, we get it. After all, we’re all about the nomad lifestyle, and that can reign supreme even during the year’s most traditional times. If you thought Thanksgiving in your RV was an impossibility, think again. With a little creativity and an adventurous spirit, you can make this holiday one to remember – wherever you happen to park your RV.

Thanksgiving in your RV

Research some RV parks or campgrounds

If you’re a stickler for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with friends (whether new or existing), you can still enjoy it from the comfort of your RV! The trick is to find a campground or RV park that feels the same way you do – that Thanksgiving should be celebrated with a spirit of community! Many parks and campgrounds offer some kind of Thanksgiving festivity, whether it be a traditional dinner or hosted potluck. If you can’t find a campground or facility that’s as festive as you’d like, look into the community events in nearby towns. After all, isn’t that the beauty of an RV? You have the luxury of pulling up the stakes (so to speak) and cruising into town for dinner, then heading back to the woods for some quiet R&R.

Cook it up yourself

So you don’t need a community – or even a whole lot of friends and family – but you really, really love turkey, stuffing and those candied yams. Great! As long as you do some strategic grocery shopping beforehand, you should be able to whip up a Thanksgiving dinner – turkey and all – from the comfort of your well-equipped recreational vehicle! These days, an oven is pretty standard in an RV, but it might be pretty small. That said, you’ll simply need to purchase your food accordingly. Choose a small turkey that will both fit in your oven and feed your party (storing leftovers might be tough anyway). A good way to go is simply buying a turkey breast – it’s the best part of the bird, after all – and it’ll fit in your small oven nicely. You can cook the stuffing separately, which is safer anyway. Of course, if you’re camping, why not fire up the grill? Yes, you can grill a turkey, and that leaves the oven open for more important things (pumpkin pie, anyone?).

Bring some extra supplies

Your RV kitchen is likely well-equipped (if it’s not, we should talk about getting you an upgrade!). That said, it can be easier and more convenient to bring along a few items that make the cooking chore a little easier. For example, you can use a crock pot for foods like dressing, potatoes and sweet potatoes, which will leave your oven and stovetop free for other uses. If you’ve always wanted to try it, maybe this is the year to deep fry that turkey – you’ll be outdoors anyway!

Host the potluck

The holidays are all about togetherness (even for nomads). If you’re planning a trip the week of the feast, invite some friends and family along! They don’t even have to share an RV with you! What’s a little more fun than a solo RV road trip? An entire caravan, of course! This way, Thanksgiving dinner is a breeze too, as each family or group can bring a few items to the Thanksgiving potluck. Just make sure you give out food assignments well in advance so everyone has a chance to plan and shop – and so you don’t end up with four pies and zero turkeys (which isn’t always a problem).

Pick easy entertainment

Sure, the best part about Thanksgiving is the food (okay, okay and the company), but the second is certainly…. the football! Entertaining guests from an RV on Thanksgiving has never been easier. Just invite people in for the big game or project it onto the side of your RV. If your model is lacking in the technology department, well, that’s just another reason we should talk. These days, there’s never a reason for you to be disconnected while you’re living the RV dream.

Spending Thanksgiving RV-style? Tell us your plans!

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