Stocking an RV KitchenWhen you’re packing your RV for a long road trip, your method could vary anywhere from organized and methodical to “get all the crap in the vehicle.” But one thing you’ll want to pay some serious thought to is your RV’s kitchen; after all, however you stock your kitchen will affect how you eat on your trip – and eating is always important. Here are a few tips:

“Contain” It

Packing your RV kitchen isn’t like packing your home’s kitchen. That’s because, chances are, your home’s kitchen isn’t ever travelling 75 miles per hour or taking on long, steady hills. Containing your food and other kitchen supplies in locked cabinets or in sturdy containers is essential; don’t leave anything in flimsy bags or on countertops supposing it’ll stay put. It won’t.

Go Light on Dinnerware

If there’s one thing you don’t want to worry about while on a road trip, it’s broken glass or lots of heavy dishware. Instead, invest in some light, sturdy dishware and tumblers. Melamine is both light and difficult to break, so it’s a best friend of the RV kitchen.

Stock the Pantry

While perishable food might be fresher and healthier, finding an RV electrical outlet in order to plug in a fridge can be an annoying task. Keep lots of shelf-stable food on hand in the event you need to make a meal from your pantry. Canned tuna, beans, graham crackers, avocados, chocolate, tomato sauce, cereal, oatmeal and fruit are all good to have on hand. Choose readymade spice blends, like Italian seasoning or taco seasoning to save time and storage space.

Eat Locally

Just because you’re living in an RV doesn’t mean you have to shun fresh and seasonal foods. Stop by local farmer’s markets and grab just what you need for that night’s dinner or breakfast the following morning. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy local fare without storing or refrigerating it.

Keep it Simple

You may love pasta, but heating a giant stockpot of water takes a lot of time – and a lot of propane. Stick to meals that come together easily and require little power and fuel. Make scrambled eggs in the morning or eat a fresh breakfast of cheese, crackers and fruit. Save your effort for the fun stuff – like hiking and exploring.

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