If you’re crazy for an autumn camping trip – complete with some spooky entertainment – well, ‘tis the season! Halloween is around the corner and if there’s one thing that makes Halloween complete, it’s a scary movie marathon! What better way to get your scare on than watching a few horror flicks – while out camping! Whether you’re in a tent or an RV (our personal favorite), these Halloween-worthy scare-fests are even scarier watched in the woods!

Scary Halloween Movies that are Even Scarier While Camping

Blair Witch Project

Sure, you’ve probably seen this one before. But we’re betting you’ve never watched it from a dark, cold woodland campground! The story of three student filmmakers who disappear in the woods in Maryland, this movie will surely test your bravery as a camper. Demons who collect sticks in the woods? Sounds a little spooky to us!

Cabin in the Woods

Just as the name suggests, this movie makes you think twice about staying in a cabin – much less a tent or RV – in the woods! Of course, if you’ll be watching this one cuddled up, warn your partner: With its unique storyline and countless plot twists and turns, there’s one thing that this movie guarantees – a whole lot of jumps!

Eden Lake

There’s nothing like camping on the lake… right? Well, this movie sheds a whole new light on the term “hooligan.” What should have been a romantic weekend for two soon turns into a horrible – and deadly – adventure, one you’ll hope is far-fetched fiction. Staying by a lake? Even more reason to pick this one up!

The Hallow

When someone warns you to stay out of the woods, well, that’s exactly what you should do! At least that’s what the characters of this scare-worthy film teach. When a family moves into an old millhouse in the woods, they soon discover that the locals were right – there’s something sinister about these woods. You’ll never be so happy to see the sunrise!

The Evil Dead

Are you a sucker for classic horror? This 1980 flick is a little bit campy, but a whole lot of fun. A group of college friends spend their spring break fighting demons (and by fighting, we mean stabbing, dismembering and impaling, of course!). How does one happen upon these demons? Well, they’re unleashed in the woods that surround their cabin (sound familiar?).

Cabin Fever

What is it about remote cabins in the woods that just spell terror? You’ll be happy your RV has wheels when you watch yet another horror flick set in some super spooky woods. This one houses a group of friends looking to enjoy their spring break. But enjoyment is a long way off when a virus attacks and threatens to eat them alive.

Friday the 13th

What Halloween movie arsenal is complete without Friday the 13th? This classic 80s flick made every teenager in America afraid of hockey masks. Terrorized camp counselors quickly learned why Camp Crystal Lake should never have been reopened – and the ride is scary, startling fun from start to finish!

Wolf Creek

You’ll be glad you’re camping in the good old US of A rather than Australia when you see this movie. The story of stranded backpackers who meet up with a murderous, terrorizing bushman who offers to help them. Help them he certainly does not.


When you’re camping in the woods, your biggest fear likely isn’t mythological demons, zombies or masked villains hiding within the trees. This movie brings your real fears front and center – like crazed fellow nomads, true-life black bears and a scary-real loss of direction. This flick will make you rethink your greatest fears – especially because it claims to be based on a true story.

Your turn: Where are you camping this Halloween and what movies have made it into your spooky, scary lineup?

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