RV Pro TipsIf you’ve been craving the RV lifestyle, now is the time to make it happen! But if you’ve never traveled RV-style, there are a few things you should remember.

RV Pro Tips

These are the 7 things every expert RV traveler wishes he or she knew when they first started out!

1. Choose an RV for the long haul.

You might think you need to “grow into” an RV, but chances are, that entry-level vehicle won’t keep you satisfied for long. Opt for a model that can grow with you – especially if you’re planning to use it pretty often. Storage and living space go a long way when you’re on the road a lot.

2. Learn how to pack.

When you head off the road, plan on doing laundry once a week or so. That means you need seven or eight outfits tops. Once you learn to pack minimally, it’ll make taking off on your journey that much easier. And don’t buy a lot before you leave; let the road tell you what you need.

3. Become tidier.

If you’re a clutter bug, it’s really going to be exacerbated in an RV. Cleaning up often and thoroughly is the key to comfortable RV living, so keep clothes put away, dishes cleaned and trash disposed of.

4. Control the pests.

Proactively treating your RV for pests will save you time – and a whole lot of sanity – down the road. Use pest killing powder around cords or hoses that lead from your vehicle outside, and spray just about every corner of the RV you can reach.

5. Forgo all the memberships.

You might be tempted by the endless bombardment of offers for membership in RV clubs. These aren’t really necessary, and can inhibit your spirit of freedom by requiring that you stay at certain parks or campgrounds. We say be free!

6. Stop booking ahead.

Speaking of being free, don’t feel the need to plan out each day of your trip. The beauty of RVing is being free to stay wherever the day happens to take you. In our experience, finding a campground isn’t hard, so don’t sweat it (unless of course, it’s a holiday weekend!).

7. Get reliable cell service.

Your cell phone may end up being your only link to the outside world, so make sure you’re getting great service and a reliable network.

Ready to take on life on the road? Come see us and we’ll get you started.

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