Autumn is officially upon us and if you’re an RV and camping enthusiast, you might be mourning the death of summer. But cheer up, sad camper. If you’re bummed about the new season, it’s time to realize one awesome fact: there’s a lot to love about fall camping. So before you start packing up your gear and driving that RV into storage, take a few minutes to explore the possibilities of camping all fall season long.

The colors, the colors, the colors

Camping enthusiasts have one thing in common: they love nature. Sure, the world is beautiful in the summertime, but in the autumn, it’s absolutely jaw dropping. That’s all thanks to fall’s incredible pallet of rich colors. From a simple drive through a mountain canyon to enjoy the reds, browns and golds, to an entire week spent holed up in a mountain campground, nature is truly it’s most spectacular this time of year. So get out and enjoy it!

Reasons to Love Camping in the Fall

It’s “cooler” (in several ways)

Sure, no one wants to camp in the arctic (unless you’re into that sort of thing), but no one enjoys the stifling heat of summertime, either. If you’re looking for the optimal weather for cozy camping, the rest of the year has nothing on early fall. With sunny, crisp days and chilly nights, you’ll be curling up to the campfire and feeling all cozy – all season long. Of course, late fall tends to get pretty chilly, so if you’re especially sensitive to the cold, either invest in a warm RV (we can help!) or head out early in the season.

The wildlife is coming!

There’s something about spotting wildlife in its natural habitat that’s just sort of magical (and hopefully not terrifying). If you’re all about the animal kingdom, you’ll especially love camping in the autumn, when the wildlife are more active than in those dog days of summer (these guys don’t love the heat any more than you do). And while they prepare for the winter, animals tend to be more active – hopefully you’ll catch a peek!

You’ll get your quiet on

Generally, people love camping because it allows them to escape from the hustle, bustle and crowds of their daily lives. But if you “escape” to a mountain retreat only to find crowds of people, all your attempts at solitude are for naught. Fortunately, lots of so-called campers wouldn’t dream of heading out in the autumn, so you’ll benefit from quieter campgrounds, less populated hiking trails and maybe even your choice of campsite – oh and enough solitude to enjoy a book or the company of your own thoughts.

Food tastes better

Okay, so maybe this is a matter of taste (literally), but there’s something about making warm comfort food on a chilly autumn night that just makes a camping experience off the charts. And with fall here, your menu options are limitless. Whether you’re dutch oven cooking your grandmother’s stew or pulling a pumpkin pie out of your RV’s kitchen oven, it’s bound to taste better in the great outdoors.

Activities are varied

If your camping trips tend to go, “hike, cook, sleep, repeat,” you could probably benefit from a little variance in your outdoor activities. In the fall, there are lots of out-of-the-box options to keep you and your entire family entertained. Depending on where you set up shop, you might indulge in a number of favorite fall activities – from apple picking to pumpkin carving to attending autumn festivals and fishing in a nearby lake.

Your turn! What’s your favorite thing about camping in the fall? While you’re at it, tell us where your next RV trip will be!

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