If you’re ready to really get spooked this year, why not try camping at one of the nation’s most haunted locales? We’ve done some research and found a few places that are sure to tickle your fancy – and tingle your spine! Here are the spookiest spots to camp this Halloween:

Paranormal Camping

Paranormal Camping Locations

  • Devil’s Tombstone Campground, Catskill Forest Preserve, New York
    Surrounded by high peaks in the Catskill Forrest Preserve, this campground is in Stone Grove. Legend has it Stone Grove is one of the devil’s favorite locations; settlers of the area can account for many paranormal happenings around these parts.
  • Bottomless Lake State Campground, Roswell, New Mexico
    Just the word “bottomless” seems a bit creepy, but the paranormal activity reported in these parts has a supernatural hue, as it is the sight of countless UFO sightings and is rumored to be the infamous “Area 51.” This wide open New Mexico sky might bring a chill in the dark of night.
  • Atlantic Blueberry Hill, The Pine Barrens, New Jersey
    Paranormal camping is what it’s all about in this pine forest. This location, known for the “Jersey Devil” who terrorized the area for 200 years, gives campers a few reasons to fear. Aside from the flying two-legged devil, rumors also abound about a ghost named “Mother Leeds.”
  • Lone Pine Campground, Inyo National Forest, California
    Near Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the continental United States, Lone Pine campground is famous because of the Lewis family. Sam Lewis and his wife ran sheep in the area in the late 1800s. When Mrs. Lewis died, Sam cremated her body and scattered the ashes around the campground. Now many report seeing a woman dancing, or hear her singing on particularly spooky nights.
  • Gettysburg Battlefield KOA, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    The idea that dead men tell no tails is debunked if you believe the stories surrounding this legendary American site. Consider this: in 1893, the dead outnumbered the living in Gettysburg three to one. Battlefield ghosts are frequently reported in and around the campground.

Getting your camping spook on this year? Where are you headed?

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