This time of year, between the eggnog guzzling and the white elephant gifting, you start to reflect upon the last year and, more importantly, set a few goals for the one around the corner. If you’re like us, we’re ready for some new and exciting adventures in 2017 – and hope to live life to the fullest for the next 365 days (and hopefully beyond!). For the avid RV enthusiast, adventure is what life is all about. Making a few simple resolutions might just be what you need to make the most of the New Year – and have a little fun in the journey!

New Year's Resolutions for the RV Enthusiasts

Take more road trips

You love your RV. You dream about your RV. Your RV is your pride and joy. But these days, your RV is spending a whole lot of time looking pretty in the driveway or garage. How come? If life has you too busy to stop and enjoy the open road, 2017 is the year to change all that. Think back to why you bought that RV in the first place. Chances are it wasn’t so you could polish it up and admire its features from the comfort of your front porch (although that’s not necessary a bad thing to do!). You bought it because you’re attracted the RV lifestyle – the ability it allows you to set out and go wherever the road will take you. This year, take advantage of that! There’s nothing more beautiful than a well-loved, well-worn RV – except of course, for a brand new one! So if it’s just too worn, we’ve got your back there too.

Go somewhere new

If you’re good at the road trip thing, but you feel like you’re living in an RV groundhog’s day (same thing, over and over and over), it might be time for some new scenery. Sure, you love the old standby vacations, but it’s exciting to think there may be places out there you’ll love just as much as those old favorites. Why not make 2017 the year you finally discover your newest favorite place? And if a cross-country trip isn’t in the cards for you this year, don’t sweat it; chances are there’s somewhere new and exciting right in your neck of the woods. Check out local points of interest or shoot for the stars and make a goal to spend a night at every national park or forest in your vicinity.

Take things off-road

Well… not too off-road. You are in an RV, after all. But if you’ve been choosing locations based on the luxurious facilities and hookups offered, why not try something off the beaten path for once? There’s nothing more exciting or adventurous than forging your trail through someplace a bit out of civilization (and maybe a tad farther out of your comfort zone). Without the noise and goings-on of a popular campground, you’ll be able to experience the great outdoors for what it is. Hey, you might even grab the sleeping bag and spend a night under the stars – that is until you remember that luxe king-size bed is going to waste in your RV!

Socialize more

If campgrounds are your cup of tea (and if you own an RV, we think they might be), that’s great – but this year, make a point to make the most of your experience, and get to know the neighbors! Who knows who you’ll meet in the great outdoors, and your new best friends could be one campsite away. If not, maybe you’ll just spend a great evening chatting with an interesting person and sharing some yummy camp snacks – either way, you’re still winning!

Check out the new stuff

Been a while since you’ve admired your RV? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. This year, swing by Wagners to see what the new models are all about. We promise this will be your favorite resolution you make (and keep) all year long!

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