Camping PranksSo April Fools is over, but… who cares? There’s no need to miss out on some fun, harmless (well, almost) pranks! In fact, camping can be the perfect backdrop for playing a few tricks on your friends or family. Here are a few of our favorites. Now get to work with these camping pranks!

Top Camping Pranks

Uh-oh… a bear!

Give your family a bit of a harmless scare by feeding into every camper’s not-so-secret fear – bears! When you’ve parked your RV, tell them casually that the park ranger warned you about bears, but then brush it off like you don’t think it’s a big deal. When it’s time for bed, pretend you hear something, and then go out to investigate. Use your smartphone to play some bear growls and pretend to have a “struggle.” Be sure to confess the joke before your family “really” gets scared.

Feed the birds

Got a noisy or annoying neighbor? Play a little prank by sprinkling birdseed all around their campsite at night. They’ll wake up to birds – lots and lots of birds! They might stop to wonder why their site is the only one that’s become the new “nest.”

There’s a snake in my RV!

The biggest fear about the outdoors? Critters, of course! Play into this fear with some fishing line and a rubber snake. Find a cabinet in the RV that opens and closes and that your family uses a lot. Tie the fishing line around the snake and then tie the other end to the door. Your family will be surprised (or horrified) when they open the door and the snake pops out!

Charcoal – everything!

When you’re camping, you’ve always got charcoal around. You can use it to your advantage for a quick prank by rubbing it on eyeglasses, binoculars or sunglasses. Or, rub the charcoal on utensils or RV door handles and your family will wonder why they’ve got smudges everywhere!

“Cone up” the sleeping bags

You’ve heard the tale of the Princess and the Pea, but how about the cozy camper and the pinecones? No? Well, this one is a comedic tale, wherein your camping buddies nearly jump out of their skin when they slip into their sleeping bags at night. Just stuff a few pinecones in the bottom of the bag. By the time your friends stretch out, they’ll know something isn’t right! And not knowing exactly what’s in the bag with them will give them a little (hopefully not major) shock.

Fill the space

The great thing for camping pranksters, is that an RV offers a limited amount of space – space that can be filled with whatever is funniest! Stuff one room of the RV (like the bathroom or a closet) with packing peanuts so that when the door opens, your camping buddy is hit with a (harmless) landslide! Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re not harming anything prior to loading up on packing peanuts. Make sure that toilet lid is shut!

Black out the windows

There’s something about waking up to the sun when you’re out in the wild (or a luxury RV park). But what happens if the sun doesn’t come up? Find out for yourself by sneaking out of the RV after everyone is asleep and covering all windows and doors with black butcher paper. These makeshift coverings will act like blackout curtains and your gang will wonder what’s going on when they wake up to pitch blackness at 8 in the morning!

Post-it attack

If you can afford a big (and we mean big) package of post-it notes, you can pull off this funny – and very noticeable – prank. If you’re staying in an RV park with friends (or family) in separate RVs, campers or fifth wheels, wait until the cover of darkness  (when all good things happen), and layer post-it notes on your friends’ RV. Cover the entire thing with the sticky notes. While this won’t hurt the RV, it’ll be pretty funny for your friends to wake up to – and will take them quite a bit of time to “unstick” their RV. Win/Win.

Bigfoot sighting

No avid camper hasn’t heard a tale (or two) about Bigfoot. The mythological (or is he?) creature that roams the woods could be right in your neck of them – or you could just make your fellow campers think so. One night while everyone is relaxing around the campfire, excuse yourself to your RV (you’re tired, you have an upset stomach, etc.), then dress head to toe in a furry get-up. Sneak around the trees outside the campfire until you get noticed (and you will). In the near-dark, you’ll likely scare your fellow campers out of their wits! Make your getaway, then try to keep a straight face while you listen to them tell you what they saw the next morning!

Firework surprise

Everyone loves a campfire, but what happens when that campfire explodes? Okay, so it won’t really explode, but your fellow campers will think it did if you pull off this prank. Offer to build the night’s campfire, then stuff some small fireworks underneath larger pieces of wood. As the fire burns through the wood, it’ll set off the fireworks, creating some VERY surprising sounds and sparks. Of course, you’d never want to use large fireworks or any kind of illegal firecrackers for this prank, as that can have catastrophic consequences.

Lock ‘em in

If your RV camping also involves a few tent campers, you’ll get a laugh out of this prank. Using just a paperclip, you can “lock” campers in their tent by anchoring the zipper closed with the paperclip. Let the campers panic for a few minutes in the morning before you give them a hand and “rescue” them.

Tell us your favorite camping pranks!

What’s your favorite camping prank? We want to hear it!

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