reasons to love your rv

Whether you’re a full time RV nomad or you just use your travel trailer for summer camping trips, there are a lot of reasons to love your RV.

The RV lifestyle means different things to different people.

As many families winterize their campers and gear up for the holiday season, we at Wagners thought it would be nice to reflect on some of the reasons we’re grateful for the RV lifestyle.

Reasons to Love Your RV

1: Freedom

Sometimes, you just need the road beneath your wheels.

Traveling in your RV can be spontaneous, and you don’t have to be locked into your itinerary because of things like flight and hotel bookings.

You can carefully plan your route, reserve spots at campgrounds, and follow a schedule if that’s your thing. You just also have the option to go for it without a plan, too.

2: Comfort of Home

Have you ever gotten to your hotel room and unpacked, only to realize that you forgot something important?

When you travel with a camper or trailer, you bring most of your amenities with you and you don’t have to think about fitting everything into a suitcase.

It’s nice to sleep in your own bed and use your own bathroom while you’re off having an adventure.

You get the best of both worlds – a familiar space and a new experience.

3: Family Tradition

Lots of modern RVers grew up in a family that road tripped in their RV every summer, and now they carry on the tradition with their own families.

Even if you didn’t spend your summers on the road as a child, though, your RV quickly becomes the center for family time.

It’s not just about the camper.

It’s about the road trip games, the campfire snacks, and the unexpected experiences along the way that become family legends.

4: Solitude

Your RV is a place where you can go to be alone with your thoughts.

It can go almost anywhere you want to be, whether that’s a popular campground where you can socialize with other nomads, or a quiet mountain pass to spend a few days off the grid to reset.

Finding the time and a place for self reflection is profoundly healing. When you’re ready to get back to the world, it will be waiting.

5: Community

Anywhere you go in your RV, you can always find others who love the RV lifestyle as much as you do, and they’re all ready to welcome you to the extended family.

Campgrounds and popular camper destinations are more than plots of land with hookups.

They’re rich, open communities where people from all over can connect, share, and find a home away from home.

Whether you’re a summer traveler or a permanent RV nomad, the others you meet along the way are more than willing to share travel tips (and food) to make your day a little nicer.

What do you love most about your RV?

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