4th of julyIf you’ll be heading on the road this weekend, you’re not alone. The July 4 holiday is one of the most popular times of the year to take a road trip. Unfortunately, Independence Day also happens to be one of the most deadly days of the year on America’s roads. Keep you and your family safe this 4th of July by following a few basic road safety tips.

Drive During the Day

When you’re on a road trip, it’s pretty common to try to push through a few more hundred miles by driving into the night. However, this happens to be the time of year that a lot of drivers have been out celebrating (read: drinking), and by the evening hours it’s much more likely for fellow drivers to be intoxicated. Stick to driving during the daylight hours; that gives you more time to relax in the cool evenings, anyway.

Don’t Get Distracted

From music to electronics to GPS navigation to quick fast-food lunches, there are more than a few ways to get distracted while you’re behind the wheel. And even though you might think you can handle a few distractions, you can’t control the other drivers on the road. Your ability to respond quickly to potential danger is critical in avoiding accidents, so keep the distractions at bay.

Get Enough Sleep

You might think you function fine without sleep, but studies have shown that sleep deprivation can adversely affect driving ability as much as alcohol does. If you’re driving, make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, and never try to “power through” when you’re in need of sleep.

Know Your Route

Getting distracted is pretty easy when you’re not sure where to turn or which exit to take. Scrambling to program your GPS or find directions can lead to disaster if you’re not concentrating on the road ahead. Before you turn your ignition, get yourself acquainted with your route so you’re not fumbling at the last minute.

Save the Booz

The 4th of July is a popular time to throw back a few beers, but make sure you’re doing so only after you’ve safely reached your destination. You might think you can handle a drive after just a couple of drinks, but it’s very easy to overestimate your abilities when you’re intoxicated.

Heading out this 4th of July? Tell us where you’re going!

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