Best Holiday Camping FoodsHeading out on the road in your new or pre-owned RV for the holiday season? Well, that’s no reason to get shorted out of truly delicious, once-a-year holiday food! Instead of eating out of your canned food supply or at a dingy roadside café, make your holiday truly special with the foods you remember from your youth – this time with an RV twist!

Brined, Grilled Turkey Breast

You can’t have a holiday dinner without a big old turkey. But instead of the traditional roasting, work with what you have; a grill is actually a great way to cook your turkey. While you might be worried that grilling a turkey will create a dry mess, there are many ways to keep the bird juicy and delicious for your holiday meal. Instead of grilling the entire bird, try buying a split breast; you’ll get all the flavor you love and remember, and it will cook faster and retain its juiciness. Additionally, try brining your breast in a salt solution at least 24 hours before cooking. This process helps keep the meat moist and the skin crisp (read: perfect!).

Loaded and Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are a staple holiday side dish, but all that peeling, boiling and mashing can be cumbersome in an RV. Simplify things without giving up your favorite food by baking potatoes whole, then loading them with toppings before serving. Wrap potatoes in tin foil, then roast them over an open flame or in Dutch ovens. Let everyone customize their side by adding the toppings they want – cheese, bacon, chives and sour cream are a must! For traditional flavor, layer on the gravy.

Dutch Oven Pie

When it comes to holiday meals, it’s all about the pie. And you can still get delicious, homemade flavor when you’re out on the road or relaxing at a campground. If you’ve got a Dutch oven, you can make just about any pie, so dig out your favorite family recipe and go for it! Just line your Dutch oven with parchment paper, then layer on the rolled-out crust, filling and toppings (if any). Cook over hot charcoal for about an hour, rotating every 10 to 15 minutes. As a good rule of thumb, each charcoal briquette gives you about 10 degrees of heat; to cook your pie at 350, you’ll need 35 briquettes.

Fresh Salads

While holiday dinners tend to be very “cooked,” there’s nothing wrong with throwing in a fresh dish – and a fresh salad is one less thing to cook, grill or bake. Use seasonal veggies and holiday-inspired toppings, like roasted butternut squash and candied pecans.

Got a favorite holiday recipe for the road? Tell us about it!


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