get_imageLooking into a recreational vehicle? We don’t blame you; with so much of this country to see, there’s no better way to do it than in an RV. That said, looking for a new RV can be pretty intimidating. We suggest starting out with a list of your must-have features. And if you haven’t taken a look at recent models, you might be surprised what kind of features there are to be had. We’ll give you the rundown of the market’s coolest.

Tech Features

The sky (or maybe the skylight) is the limit when it comes to tech features available in today’s RVs. From LCD TVs to home theater systems to iPhone/iPod player hookups, there’s no need to leave your technology behind when you head out on the road. Of course, if you’ll be using lots of electronics, you’ll want to make sure your RV has a great energy management system.

Great Safety

Today’s RVs are built with some powerful safety features, making them the safest RVs ever. From air bags to circuit protectors and security systems, you’ve never been safer in an RV before. Some models even feature vehicle stability and tire pressure monitoring.

Slide Out Features

Slide outs are the epitome of the classic RV. These extensions offer extra room, shade and other cool features. And more slide outs equal more room and more features! You can actually get up to four slide outs in one model – fancy stuff!

Driving Aids

You might love the open road, but you still want to get to where you’re going – and do it comfortably. Drivers will love features like reclining bucket seats, rear-view cameras for easier backing up and parking, and GPS systems on board.

Fuel Efficiency

You know that gas isn’t cheap, so we don’t need to tell you that. What you might not know, however, is that many RVs come in hybrid models now. These vehicles can get 40 percent better fuel economy than non-hybrid models. And even the non-hybrids are getting better than ever, with design improvements helping to increase fuel efficiency across the board.

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