10 Hilarious Camping Pranks

So April Fools only happens one day a year, but… who cares? There’s no need to miss out on some fun, harmless (well, almost) pranks all year-round! In fact, camping can be the perfect backdrop for playing a few tricks on your friends or family. Just make sure you are always staying safe and only playing pranks … Continued

September 5, 2019

4 Moms Who are Rocking Full-Time RV Living

RV Families — Full-time RV Living, Playing Outside

Moms are the best. Moms of every kind! Leading up to Mother’s Day, we wanted to highlight a few RV families with awesome moms who either do part-time or full-time RV living. Before we get to the moms, we have a few tips for mothers who want to RV with their families.  Tips for Moms … Continued

May 3, 2019

Best Gifts for Campers Who Love Their RV

Best Gifts for Campers

It can be tough to find great gifts for campers! We like to think of a gift they don’t already have or find an upgraded version of something they regularly use. We made a list of a few of our favorite gifts for RV campers.  Indoor/Outdoor Blanket This blanket is awesome. It’s warm, insulated, and … Continued

April 1, 2019

Camping Food List for Beginners

Camping Food List

Prepping meals and packing food ends up being the most stressful part of camping, especially for beginning campers. What do you make? Which snacks should you bring? What can you make over a campfire? Nobody wants to spend hours cooking while they’re camping! Here are some easy meal ideas and a simple stress-free camping food … Continued

October 22, 2018

How to Stay Cool on Summer Camping Trips

Summertime Camping Tips

One of the best things about camping in your RV is the climate control, but what’s the point of going camping if you don’t spend some time outside? The sweltering summer heat might be just your thing, or you might be the snowbird of your family. Either way, you need some strategies to cool off … Continued

August 10, 2018

Clever Campfire Hacks

Campfire Treats

A cozy fire is a campsite necessity. Your campfire supplies warmth, light, and a heat source for cooking deliciously rustic meals. Camping just isn’t the same without a crackling fire. Odds are, you haven’t put much thought into upgrading your campfire. Maybe it’s time to change that. Next time you go camping, try these quick … Continued

July 16, 2018

5 Ways to Upgrade Your S’mores

Making Smores

Toasting marshmallows and making s’mores with your family is one of the great joys of camping. Some of the sweetest moments are shared around a campfire with melted chocolate on your fingers and graham cracker crumbs on your shirt. It’s time to go gourmet with your s’mores. Upgrade your campfire s’mores recipes with these 5 … Continued

June 15, 2018

How To Camp in Cold Weather

As the leaves change, the weather cools, and the holidays are fast approaching, you might think it’s time to winterize your RV and pack it in until next spring. Cold weather doesn’t have to be the end of your camping season, though. Here are some quick tips for camping in cold weather: 15 Tips for … Continued

November 14, 2017

Tips for Camping With Your Dog

It wouldn’t be a family camping trip without the whole family, four-legged members included. While you’re out roving with rover, be sure that everything goes smoothly and everyone is safe and happy by preparing ahead of time. Whether this is your first time traveling with your dog or you’re an experienced canine camper, these tips will … Continued

October 9, 2017

3 Fall Road Trip Destinations That Will Blow Your Mind

The days are warm and the nights are cool, so it’s the perfect time for a Southwest road trip. All of those gorgeous camping destinations were brutally hot all summer long, but now that temperatures are starting to drop, it’s the perfect time for campfires and hiking trips in some of the most beautiful landscapes … Continued

September 12, 2017

8 Quick Camping Hacks

Camping is the perfect way to reset your body, recharge your mind, and step away from the demands of daily life for a little while. Your camping trip can be as rustic or as refined as you like. Use these quick camping hacks to stay comfortable and prepared no matter how you like to camp. … Continued

August 21, 2017

3 Campfire Treats Your Family Will Love

Part of the fun of camping is cooking over an open fire – especially when you’re cooking warm, gooey treats. Campfire desserts go way beyond just toasted marshmallows and s’mores. Here are 3 delectable campfire treats to share with your family under the starry summer sky. Campfire Cones Sweet, gooey, and easy, campfire cones are … Continued

June 20, 2017