Decorate Your RV for ChristmasThere’s no place like home for the holidays –except, of course, your RV! With time off from work and the world seeming to slow down for a couple of weeks, the holidays are the perfect time of the year to hit the open road. Whether you’re itching for a white Christmas or headed somewhere warm and dry, take the spirit of the season with you! Here are a few ways you can deck the halls of your RV – without taking a chunk out of your storage space or wallet!

The Homemade Family Decorations

Since you can’t really haul house-sized holiday decorations in your RV, you’ll have to pick and choose what is light and convenient to take along on the road. If Christmas to you is all about nostalgia and memories, choose the homemade decorations that remind you of the happiest holidays in your memory.

Window Decals

If you want a bit of festiveness without wasting much real estate, pack up some holiday window decals. Snowflakes, elves and Christmas trees can lend a merry feel to an otherwise seasonless RV. And they’ll give you some storage bang for your buck because they take up virtually no space!

Lights, lights, lights!

There’s something about twinkling lights and candles during the holiday season that make you feel cozy and nostalgic. If you’re bringing candles along, they’ll help you feel the merriness in the air, but you’ll need to ensure proper fire safety (like never leaving a burning candle unattended). Strings of twinkling lights will instantly make your RV seem festive, so string them up!

Mini Trees

When you’re RVing, it’s unlikely you’ll want to tackle a full-sized Christmas tree. That said, an RV is the perfect place to deck a potted or mini tree with lights and ornaments to enjoy along your way. If you want the festive smell of evergreen to permeate your RV, ask a Christmas tree lot for their trimmings. The boughs of green needles smell great and look festive when you tuck them into corners or along the windows.

Stockings Hung… Anywhere

Okay, so most RVs don’t come equipped with a fireplace. But if you’re afraid Santa won’t find you, don’t be; you can hang your stockings a little more creatively than your home-based friends and family. Hang them from your windows, off your bumper, from your headboard – the sky (or the RV roof) is your limit! We promise Santa will find them.

Snow Flurries

There’s something about an icy window that makes you feel a little more Christmasy. If you’re headed someplace warm, you can simulate the “winter wonderland” feeling by using spray snow on the windows! From the coziness of your RV you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a winter wonderland – except you won’t need to scrape any ice off the windows!

The Great Outdoors

Forget the RV! If you’ll be spending the holidays at a campground, deck the grounds around your RV! String lights onto trees surrounding your vehicle and hang stockings over the fire pit (just not where they’ll get burned!). You can make your very own winter wonderland, and then crawl back into the warm coziness of your RV when you’re ready for a break.

Homemade Cookies

Okay, so it’s not exactly a decoration, but the smell of freshly baked cookies can really make you feel like you’re in the holiday spirit. Make a batch of sugar cookies from scratch or grab a few rolls of dough from the grocery store and put your RV oven to work. Enjoying some cookies – not to mention eggnog or hot chocolate – is the perfect way to feel the holiday spirit!

Are you decking your RV? Tell us your go-to décor!

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