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Camping is the perfect way to reset your body, recharge your mind, and step away from the demands of daily life for a little while. Your camping trip can be as rustic or as refined as you like. Use these quick camping hacks to stay comfortable and prepared no matter how you like to camp.

8 Camping Hacks You Need To Try This Summer

1: Sage in your campfire repels mosquitos.

Add a bundle of sage to the hot coals of your campfire to drive away pesky, biting mosquitos.

Burning sage is also an ancient purification ritual, and it smells nice, too.

2: Use a plastic water bottle to hold beaten eggs.

Love scrambled eggs in the morning, but hate packing fragile eggs that could break all over your camping gear?

Instead of bringing a dozen eggs still in their shells, crack your eggs into a bowl, beat them with a fork, and pour them into an empty plastic water bottle.

The water bottle fits neatly into your cooler, and you don’t have to worry about being gentle with your breakfast foods. Just pour your eggs into a hot cast iron skillet in the morning and recycle the bottle when it’s empty.

3: S’moreos.

S’mores are a camping tradition, and S’mOreos take them to the next level.

Instead of the traditional graham cracker base, twist open an Oreo cookie and sandwich your gooey marshmallow between the two halves.

You can add a piece of chocolate if you want, or you can go really crazy and use a peanut butter cup.

Get creative with your campfire cuisine!

4: Make toothpaste dots.

Instead of packing an entire tube of toothpaste, you can make single serving toothpaste dots.

Gel toothpastes don’t work well for toothpaste dots, so use an old fashioned paste like Colgate. Place individual dots on a sheet of aluminum foil and let them air dry for a few days. Their finished consistency should be about that of chewing gum.

If you live in a humid environment, you can speed the process by using a food dehydrator.

5: Vacuum seal individual meals.


Cooking on the road or at your camp can get a little cumbersome, and when you need to conserve water, your menu dwindles to the few things that can be prepared with just a couple of dishes.

Instead of preparing every meal on the go, cook at home before you go and pack vacuum sealed meals that simply need to be heated before eating.

Vacuum sealing keeps food fresh, it takes up less space in your cooler, and it’s far easier than campfire cooking.

6: Make salt and seasoning straws.

Simple plastic straws are a clever way to store individual servings of salt and spices for your food.

Cut short lengths of plastic straw and pinch the end shut with a pair of needle nosed pliers. Hold a lighter flame to the end to seal the straw shut, then fill with spices or salt. Once full, seal the other end with pliers and a lighter, and drop into your pack.

7: Create individual coffee packets.

Just like tea bags allow you to make a single cup of tea, a coffee packet lets you make an individual cup of coffee on the go.

Place a scoop of coffee into a dry coffee filter, then bring up the edges into a tight bundle. Tie with floss or a rubber band, and pack in a baggie.

When you’re ready to make a cup of coffee, pour boiling water into your mug and let your packet steep to your desired strength, then discard your coffee packet as you would a tea bag.

8: Biodegradable trail marking tape.

Trail marking ribbon is designed to keep you from losing your way when hiking in the woods, and it’s usually photodegradable, meaning that it deteriorates in sunlight and biodegrades.

As you explore new trails, tie small pieces of the brightly colored tape to branches and trunks so that you can more easily find your way back.

It makes hiking much safer, and you won’t harm the environment in the process.

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