Summer RV IdeasWith Memorial Day come and gone, summer’s unofficial start is officially here. And if you’re like us, you’ve already started thinking about how you’ll be using your RV this summer. Well, there are more than a few RV activities that will make this summer the best ever. Here’s our top favorites.

Nothing at All

What’s that you say? Nothing? Exactly. Perhaps the best RV activity we’ve found is doing, well, nothing. After all, what’s a good road trip for if not to escape your too-busy day-to-day routine? And if you plan to do nothing, not only will you likely achieve your goals, but you also won’t feel guilty for it! Pack all the essentials that nothing requires: comfortable camp chairs, sunscreen, a light read (if you feel like your nothing routine requires a little something), and some comfy sweats. Having nowhere to go and nothing to do is quite a novelty in today’s world, so put on your best pair of slippers and go with it.

The Big Attractions

Road trips are a fantastic way to see those iconic, all-American sites. With the flexibility of the open road, you can choose your own attraction each day of your trip. Whether that involves well-known, popular locales like Disneyland and Mt. Rushmore, or attractions a bit off the beaten path – like the world’s largest ball of twine – it can be pretty fun to see what makes this country – and it’s kooky inhabitants – tick.

Enjoy the View

A summer drive is the quintessential relaxation activity. And your RV is the perfect way to relax and enjoy some scenic sightseeing. Whether you’re on an old country road, amid the Midwest farmlands or in a bustling city, take some time to actually enjoy what you’re seeing around you. Note the trees, the sky, the old buildings, the wildlife, the hills, dales all the beauty that this country provides. After all, summer is the time to celebrate our country – from sea to shining sea (and everywhere in between).

Pick up a Hobby

Ready to change up the old routine? Your RV is the perfect means to finding and enjoying a new hobby or pastime. Whether you take up hiking, trail running, whittling or knot-tying, the great outdoors lends the perfect backdrop to your new preferred activity. Not sure what you want to try? Take a week to give everything a try! Spend a day hiking, another day bird watching, and another day reading that “Crochet for Dummies” book. Keep trying out new activities until one speaks to you.

Meet Some Friends

Whether you’re parking at an RV park or a campground in the woods, meeting new people is what makes travel so fun. You never know who you’ll find in the campsite right next to yours. And chances are, if they’re also in an RV, you’ll have a lot in common from the get-go. Invite some new friends over for a bonfire and s’mores or chat it up over hot dogs and burgers. Camping brings people together, so take advantage of the eclectic social life your RV provides.

Eat and Drink, then Repeat

If you thought gourmet restaurants were the only way to indulge your foodie tendencies, it’s time to think outside the white tablecloth! RV camping is actually the perfect way to hone your out-of-the-kitchen gourmet cooking abilities. You’d be amazed at what you can whip up in an RV kitchen, or in a dutch oven buried under your campfire. Be sure to pack lots of fresh herbs and other essentials to try delicious, camp-friendly foods like dutch oven margarita pizzas or fried chicken and waffles made on the RV stove.

This summer, step outside (or stay inside) the RV and experience all the activities that make this time of year the RVers favorite.

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