holiday use for your RVHalloween is over, and that means the holiday season is riiiight around the corner. If you thought this time of year was meant for parking your RV or camper, think again! Your RV can be pretty useful this time of year – and we’ll tell you why!

Late-Season Campouts

From Halloween in the woods to a family Christmas campout, a little weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great outdoors – from the comfort of your RV, of course. And if you’re worried about the weather, just head somewhere warm! That’s the beauty of RVs; as long as there’s a road, there’s a way! Just think of how cozy you’ll be nestled inside with a cup of hot cocoa.

Present Hideaway

Kids these days; no matter how sneaky you are about Christmas or Hanukah presents, they seem to have a sixth sense for smoking them out. Your RV makes the perfect place to stash presents, so you can get an early jump on your shopping. And since your RV locks up, kids will be helpless even if they know where the gifts are stashed!

Outdoor Décor

Got a penchant for holiday decorating? Your RV is just another canvas to bedeck with lights, wreaths and other decorations. And the best part about it? It’s mobile! Take your festiveness wherever it’s welcome this holiday season.

Guest House

Got a nice-sized RV or mobile home? It will make the perfect “guest house” for out-of-town guests! Not only will it be comfortable and cozy for your holiday visitors, but it’ll keep their suitcases and stuff stashed away and out of the way of your fun household activities.

Kids’ Night

Got an adult-only party planned this season? An RV makes the perfect place for kids to have a fun party themselves! Set them up with movies, treats and a responsible sitter and they’ll have a great time “camping out” at home in the RV.

Got a great holiday use for your RV? Tell us!

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