best graduation road tripsGraduation is a time for celebration, introspection, new adventures and… vacations! After the long hours spent cramming for finals and researching those papers, you could no doubt use a break. And if a summer spent backpacking through Europe isn’t in the cards, don’t worry; a great celebratory road trip might just be in your own backyard.

Best Graduation Road Trips

Here are our favorites:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Is there a more iconic place in the United States to blow off some steam? College graduates will have a ball in Las Vegas – and along the way, which will take you through a good cross-section of this country of ours. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen in your RV; summertime in Vegas is no joke!

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Take the coastal route and spend some relaxing time on the beach this summer. A trip to Virginia Beach will only take you about a half days’ time. Find a great place to camp and keep your schedule empty; all you need is a bathing suit and a good book to make this road trip a great time.

Upstate New York

With a plethora of beautiful camping options, upstate New York is a great place for the outdoor enthusiast. Pick a spot close to hiking or mountain biking and be sure to pack all your gear. Don’t forget the insect repellant!


It might seem like quite a hike, but a good road trip should be an adventure! Take the East Coast route and see all that the eastern U.S. has to offer on the way to Florida. Whether you’re a Miami Beach person or more of a Disney World connoisseur, there’s something for everyone in this state.

Your Backyard

Okay, not literally. But our state offers a whole lot of great camping options. With the right RV, you’ll have a great time without spending the time or money it takes to head out on a more extensive trip. Hey, as long as you’ve got your friends and some good food, you’ll never know you’re just a few miles from home.

Heading out to celebrate graduation? Where are you off to?

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