traveling with dogsThe beauty about the RV is that it fits the whole family – including Fido! Next time you hit the road in an RV, bring the dogs (and the leashes) along. Of course, traveling with pets has its own nuances, but it’s really no sweat if you follow these tips.

Be organized about feeding.

The great thing about traveling with dogs is that food is simple; a bag of dog food and you’re good. To keep dog food from getting everywhere (and for easy access), store it in a large plastic bin with a snap-on lid. It’s a good idea to feed your dog at the same times every day; this will help you anticipate when bowl movements are likely to occur. And don’t be giving your pooch random people foods; you could really pay the price for that later.

Give them space.

Your RV might not be huge, but it’s important for your dog (or dogs) to have a space of their own. Bring along your dog’s bed (or make one out of an old cushion), and place it in a designated corner of the RV, along with Fido’s toys and water dish. Traveling is exciting, but can also be scary for dogs. This gives them a safe home base.

Bring their papers.

You likely wouldn’t head out without your health insurance information; you shouldn’t leave without your dog’s either. Bring along any registration information, veterinary history and pet insurance policies you have on the dog. Be sure your dog has proper identification as well, in the event he wanders off or gets lost. Getting your dog chipped before a trip is a great idea.

Give them exercise.

A cooped up dog can be a mischievous dog. Even if you’re on a “travel” day, make a point to stop every few hours to give your dog some much-needed exercise. A 15-minute game of fetch is a great way to get your dog some active time.

Be mindful of temperatures.

Leaving your dog in the RV while you grab a bite to eat or set up camp might seem innocuous, but be mindful of the temperature inside the vehicle. Warm or cold temps can be uncomfortable – and dangerous – for dogs.

Have pet, will travel? Tell us your best tips!

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