winter snowbirdIf you’re an outdoors enthusiast, this time of year can be tough on your psyche; after all, snow, ice, wind and rain can really put a damper (literally) on your outdoorsiness. That said, an RV provides the perfect means to escape the inclement weather. Becoming an RV “snowbird” is a pretty rad decision, and here are a few tips on how to do it.

Set Your Sights South

In case you didn’t know, “snowbirds” are those who travel south during the cold winter months in search of sunny skies, peace and relaxation. So while you may want to do some research on where exactly to go, if you’re heading in a southerly direction, you’re golden! Popular locales include Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, California, Utah and Nevada.

Decide What Kind of Snowbird You’ll Be

If you’re looking to find a community of snowbirds to talk with, laugh with and become genial friends, you’ll likely want to choose a popular RV campsite with lots of amenities. However, if your idea of snowbirding means spending long, quiet days with few people around, you’ll want to choose someplace off the beaten path.

Determine the Trade-Offs

One you’ve determined whether to head to a popular locale or find some solitude, you’ll have to consider the tradeoffs. In a large RV park with lots of amenities, you’re less likely to find quiet and privacy. However, if you choose a quiet, less populated campground, you’re less likely to have access to lots of convenient amenities. If skipping the pools, Jacuzzis and showers is okay by you, go for the quiet life!

Settle into a Routine… Or Not

Are you a roamer, or do you love a daily routine? If the latter is true, plan a tentative daily routine, which includes RV essentials like filling up on water, dumping, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. If you’re staying somewhere more remote, you may want to spend a day a week in town where you can access the internet, pick up groceries and other necessities and do some laundry.

Roam Free if You Want

If you’re less into routine and more into roaming free, don’t feel like you need to plan a daily routine – or even select a final destination. That said, you’ll want to ensure you have emergency supplies on hand, like extra non-perishable food, first aid kits, cash and other necessities.

Ready to become a winter snowbird? Stay tuned for more tips in the coming weeks!

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