family roadtripThere’s something pretty relaxing about the open road; whether it’s the freedom of traveling wherever the wind takes you or simply getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, a road trip – RV style – can be just what the doctor ordered. Especially for mom! This mother’s day, there are a whole lot of reasons why your household’s chief needs a little family road trip:

She deserves to be a passenger now and then.

Let’s be honest, mom could be a taxi driver. From hauling kids to and from school to chauffeuring them to band practice, dance rehearsal, soccer and birthday parties, it’s time mom hit the road without being behind the wheel. So this year, let her relax and play copilot (or just take a nap in the back), while you manage the road.

A campfire or RV stove is a nice reprieve.

Mom may not have gone to school to be a chef, but she probably feels a bit like a short order cook now and then. And chances are, mom could use a few meals outside her own kitchen, where she’s struggling to keep the potatoes warm while trying to get Junior to eat his green beans. An open fire, hot dogs on a skewer, and dad and the kids taking the lead on roasting s’mores is just what mom needs.

She’s always up for listening.

A road trip is the perfect time to get the family talking; whether it’s about what’s going on at school or sharing family stories and legends, conversation is king inside the RV. Take the time to bond as a family this mother’s day – mom wants nothing more.

Flowers die.

Sure, flowers might be traditional on Mother’s Day, but a week later, the flowers are forgotten. But memories of a family road trip will last forever. And doesn’t mom deserve a little “forever” in her life? We think so!

It’s less to clean.

Sure, you might want mom to completely relax on her trip, but mom will always be mom, and chances are, she’ll be cleaning up after the kiddos before you hit the 100-mile mark. At least in an RV, cleanup is quick! That said, it’s still a good idea to beat her to the punch.

Taking mom somewhere special this Mother’s Day? Tell us where!

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