Do you ever dream of the days of retirement? Think about it; you’ll have nothing to tie you to a specific city or market, lots of time on your hands and that retirement income you’ve been carefully saving for, well, your entire life. If you’re waiting for retirement to become a full-time RVer, well, STOP!

Wait, what? You heard us. Sure, living the life of a nomad sounds like an attractive way to spend your golden years, but wouldn’t you rather do it when you’re young, active and able to build memories that will last the rest of your (long) life? If you thought you couldn’t become a full-time RVer until you were much older, we’ve got a whole host of reasons you can do it now.

It doesn’t require retirement

Today more than ever, gainful, full-time employment doesn’t always necessitate spending 40 hours each week in an office cubicle. In fact, living at a time when people are more connected than ever before certainly aids your cause in living the nomadic lifestyle.Nomad RV life

There are countless ways to become – and remain – connected while you’re on the road. From plush RV communities that provide WiFi services to personal hotspots and network connections, you’ll never miss an email. And when you’re not working, you’re playing of course – at whatever amazing locale you were inspired to explore that week.

Doesn’t a Grand Canyon hike sound great after a long afternoon conference call? We think so too.

It’s not as expensive as you think

People who assume full-time RVing is too rich for their blood just aren’t thinking about it in the right way. When you’re living an RV lifestyle, you’re exchanging costs – not adding to them.

Instead of paying a mortgage or monthly rent, you’re paying for RV hookups or community costs. Cost of food doesn’t change much, and you’ll likely end up spending less on utilities (except fuel of course, for obvious reasons). Instead of calculating costs as you would a “normal” vacation – wherein you’re layering costs above your standard costs of living – think of all you’ll save by abandoning your daily life.

It helps you focus on what matters

We are a consumer-driven society, and if you’ve paid attention to advertisements, reality TV or water cooler talk, you’ll notice that “stuff” is a primary motivator for a lot of people. Gaining and acquiring all that junk though, isn’t likely to make you happy (as we’ve also learned from reality TV).

Living life on the road means minimizing your belongings to what really matters; the people you love, the means to see the world and the few possessions that mean a lot (or are vital to your livelihood). But don’t worry, if you want to hold onto that grand piano you inherited from your grandmother, you still have plenty of options.

Kids don’t kill the deal

Just as you can work from anywhere, your kiddos can learn from anywhere too. And what better way to get an education than by seeing the world? Homeschool your kids while on the road and you can help their learning come alive.

Instead of lecturing them on different types of rocks, why not trek into the mountain to observe some for yourselves? The “educational” options are endless, and your kids will make memories that will last a lifetime while on the road.

Your “community” will expand

Sure, there’s something about the neighborhood where you grew up. But living a nomad lifestyle doesn’t mean you won’t have community support.

In fact, you’ll meet a whole host of new friends who share your lifestyle ideal and can swap tips, support and maybe even babysitting services. Not to mention that if (or when) you decide to settle into an established community, you’ll have friends from around the country to visit on vacation.

Ready to live the RV lifestyle NOW? We can help; come see us today.

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