Sure, when it comes to planning the perfect road trip, you want to be prepared—after all, you don’t want to be caught without the right tool or the perfect snack. But if there’s one thing that can ruin a trip (and your fuel economy), it’s packing your RV way too tight and keeping it ultra cluttered. So, before you head out on the road, make sure you’re not packing these items.


Yeah, you might end up paying more for that stack of wood than you’d like to, but that savings doesn’t really make up for the mess and hassle of hauling your own timber. Not only do the logs dirty up your RV and take up precious storage room, they also weigh a ton! Not great for fuel economy. Buy your wood on the go for the perfect road trip.

You can get firewood at most gas stations and grocery stores. Just wait until you get closer to your destination before you stock up on wood.

Food Storage

Sure, it’s not a bad idea to have some snacks and easy-to-prepare foods on hand, but you don’t need a year’s worth of canned food in your RV pantry.

Chances are, you’ll be hitting up roadside cafes and making fun family meals along the way. Those cans of kidney beans will never see the light of day. Do yourself a favor and only take what you need plus a little extra.

You want to be prepared in case of an accident, but you don’t need to pack your RV full of food.

Water Tanks

For many trips, you’ll be able to connect to a campground’s water supply, so there’s likely not a huge need to lug around hundreds of gallons of water. Not only are these tanks super heavy, but they’re also just a hassle. You could literally bring another couple of people on the trip with the weight and room you’ll save on water tanks.

Same as with the food, though. Bring enough to be prepared in case of an emergency, especially if you are going to be in less populated areas. If you are sticking to populated towns and campgrounds then swap the extra water for another friend.

A Tool Garage

Of course, a few handy tools are important to have along in case of emergency, but you likely don’t need to include your shed’s entire cache.

A basic tool kit, with some duct tape thrown in for good measure, should do you just fine. Before packing a tool, ask yourself how likely it is that you’ll need it, and what exactly the tool is for.

Bad Moods!

If you’ve got a bad attitude about an RV trip, then cramped quarters and long hours on the road will just make things worse. So before you pull out, make sure you’re only including optimistic attitudes and free spirits. Road trips are about the journey, not the destination, so only bring people who can appreciate that!

It’s a good idea to get your RV checked at least two or three times a year, especially if it has been stored away for winter. You never know what could have frozen, broken, or bent while sitting stationary for months. Take it in for a quick pre-trip check.

If you are in the Green Bay area and looking for an RV or a service center, then give us a call!

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