Autumn CampingWhile Autumn is a great time for football watchers and pumpkin spice lovers, for the camping enthusiasts, fall can be a bit of a let-down. After all, cold temperatures and even (wait for it!) snow can put a damper on the situation when you’re hoping to sleep out under the stars (or in your trusty RV). That said, the upcoming seasonal changes don’t need to keep you from enjoying your favorite pastime. In fact, Autumn can be a great time to camp. Just make sure to bring the following must-haves along:

Layers, Layers, Layers

When you’re camping, you can go from sweating to shivering in a twelve-hour period. That’s why bringing lots of layers with you is critical. Make sure you’re packing base layers along with a coat, pullover or cardigan for added warmth. Gloves never hurt anyone either (especially anyone building a fire before the sun’s come up).

Rain-Proof Everything

If you’re going to tackle autumn camping, be sure you prepare for possible rain (or even snow!) Bring some extra blankets, boots and a snow shovel in case you need to dig yourself (or your RV) out of anything. A poncho is a good idea in case you need to be outside the RV for any reason.

More Firewood

Believe it or not, it takes longer to cook food outside in colder weather than it does in the hot sun. Wake up early if you’re looking to heat up coffee or start frying bacon. Bring easy-to-prepare food items as well so you can make them on your RV stove as opposed to an outdoor fire.

Check the Weather!

We can’t stress this enough. Before you head out on an autumn camp trip, you simply MUST check the weather report. Fall weather tends to change quickly (and often dramatically), so be sure you’re keeping up on the forecast. This is where a WiFi-enabled RV can be worth its weight in gold (and that’s a lot of gold!).

Warm Bedding

Making sure your bedding and clothing can keep you warm will help you save on fuel and energy to heat your RV. Long johns and winter-appropriate blankets will help you keep the engine off (and make you feel a bit more hardcore) while you’re camping.

Are you camping this fall? Tell us where you’re headed!

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