Thinking about and RV upgrade?

You don’t have to tell us you love your RV. Whether you’re a full-time RVer or keep your rig up for the occasional camping trip, it’s not difficult to find reasons to spend more and more time in your mobile home, camper or fifth wheel.

But how do you know when it’s time to look at a new (or new to you) model? Here are four signs it might be time to upgrade that recreational vehicle. And hey, if any of them apply to you… you’re lucky! Shopping for an RV can be a whole lot of fun!

4 Signs Its Time For a RV Upgrade

Your language has become a bit more colorful around the RV.

There’s just something about your RV that makes you want to use words that would make your mother blush. If most of your language would be “bleeped out” by major television networks while you’re working on or operating your mobile home, camper, fifth wheel or other RV, it might be time to look into an RV upgrade.

Think of your RV like a relationship; it was once blissful, pleasant and you always got along with it. But if the bad times are starting to outweigh the good, it just might be time to take action.

If you bought a used RV directly from a previous owner, you might now be realizing why he or she was quick to let it go. So pay attention to the words you’re choosing to describe your RV. If you couldn’t use them around your family (or shouldn’t), it might be time for a new rig.

You barely see it.

If it feels like your RV is having an affair – with the mechanic’s shop – it might be time to cut her loose. When you’ve got an RV, you have freedom: freedom to wander the roads and go and explore as you’d like.

But you can’t do any of that if your camper, RV or fifth wheel is spending most of its time in the shop. When you upgrade, you’ll want to look into buying that extended warranty – the one that will cover any of those issues that could keep you from enjoying your RV as you were meant to do. These warranties can give you some piece of mind when and if something goes wrong.

If you’re ready to take the mechanic off speed dial, maybe it’s time for an upgrade – and an upgraded vehicle warranty.

“It seems to be getting smaller in here” you might need an RV Upgrade

Do you feel like Alice in Wonderland when you’re in your RV? It used to feel spacious and nice, but it seems like you must have drunk a potion that made you too large for your surroundings? Trust us, you’re likely not gaining weight; you’re probably just realizing that your needs require a little more room than you thought they would when you purchased that RV.

For example, if you’re an avid yogi and can’t even manage a warrior’s pose in your RV, you’ll want to find one that allows you to do what you love even when you’re on the road. The key to being satisfied with your RV is finding one that doesn’t require you to make a lot of sacrifices when you’re on the road. And sometimes, a little more room will do exactly that. Plus, an RV upgrade is well worth the investment.

You’ll be amazed at the spacious new and previously owned RVs there are on the market these days.

Your partner’s not along for the ride.

So you’re okay with your RV. But lately, your spouse or partner doesn’t seem to want to join you on those weekend camping trips or extended road trips.

What gives? Well maybe it’s time to upgrade the RV. If you’re bickering or fighting about time spent in the RV – and it seems to be all the RVs fault – maybe it’s time to start shopping for a model both of you can get behind. That way, you’ll both be invested in the new rig – and you’ll likely start enjoying those trips together.

Any of this sound familiar? If it’s time for a new (or new to you) RV, come see us today; you’ll be amazed with what we’ve got!

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