Class C Motorhomes

When you decide to make the transition to a mobile lifestyle, you might raise a few eyebrows. Living full time in an RV isn’t what most people would consider normal.

RV living has a lot of advantages. The smaller living space is great for people who want to live simply, which is one of the reasons that the tiny house trend has become so popular. You can’t collect clutter for very long before you have to get rid of some dead weight.

Plus, being able to travel anywhere on a whim is pretty cool, too.

Once you downsize and make the transition to full time RVing, your friends are going to have a lot of questions.

Here are 3 of the dumbest questions people will ask when you go mobile.

1: What Will You Do With All Your Poo?

When you go camping in your RV, you use campground hookups to manage your water and your waste. For some reason, people entirely forget about that option when you talk about living in your RV full time.

It almost seems like the assumption is that you’re going to literally be driving down the road at all times without ever stopping anywhere.

Besides, there are lots of people who take long road trips in regular cars without bathrooms. They manage just fine.

2: Isn’t Gas Mileage Awful?

Of course motorhomes and RVs are less fuel efficient than cars. You’re essentially driving around a house.

The thing is, you’re not using your full time RV for commuting or running errands. Most full-time RVers tow their car along from place to place, or they use some other alternate transportation like a motorcycle (or even a bike) for day to day transportation.

Fuel in your RV is just a utility. Most people don’t put much thought into how efficient their house is with electricity, right?

Looking at the cost of gas or diesel in your motorhome next to the mileage in your family car isn’t an accurate comparison. It’s more correct to compare your RV fuel costs with the price of flights and hotel rooms throughout the year.

3: When Are You Coming Back To The Real World?

This is perhaps the most frustrating question you’ll hear when you decide to live in an RV, and you’re going to hear it a lot.

Some people just can’t wrap their minds around the idea that the RV lifestyle is a real thing.

Occasionally, you’ll even run into someone that finds your nomadic ways offensive. They’ll accuse you of running from life and dodging your “real world” responsibilities.

Don’t let the haters get you down.

Full-time RVing has its own unique set of challenges and advantages, just like every other living arrangement in the history of ever. You don’t have to buy a house, own two cars, wear a suit, get a dog, and retire at 65 to be a normal adult.

You want to live in the real world?

How about you go out and see some of it? Life is short. Live it while you have a chance.

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