10 Reasons Mom is Always Good for a Camping Trip

Spring is here and believe it or not, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re wondering how to treat mom to a special day this year, look no further than your trusty RV. Whether you head out for a fun weekend camp trip or treat mom to something a bit more special – like a weeklong road trip – we’re sure Mom will have the time of her life in that RV, fifth wheel or motorhome. Why? Because Moms are naturally great at camping.

Want to know how we know that? Just being a mom has given them the skills they need to be the ultimate campers. Think about these facts about awesome Moms.

Why Mom’s are Great Campers

  1. She can make something out of nothing. What to you do when you’re hungry and have nothing but a can of tuna and a bag of dry noodles left in the house? Well, you’d probably go hungry – unless Mom was around. Mom just knows how to make something delicious out of whatever is (or isn’t) in the pantry. That’s why she’s the perfect person to have around when you’re living out of an RV (and the RV pantry).
  2. She knows all the good road trip songs. Out of cell range and Pandora is no longer streaming on your phone? No worries; just ask mom to lead the family in a round of throw-back songs. She knows all the hits from yesteryear and, hey, you might even recognize one or two of them.
  3. She makes it feel like home. If your camper or RV feels, well, like a camper or RV, all it needs is Mom! She made your house a home growing up, and she can do the same for any RV. With Mom around, that RV is sure to feel like a cozy, warm home (even if it’s away from home).
  4. She’s clean. Speaking of making the RV feel like home, we’re guessing Mom will keep that RV cleaner than anyone else you might bring along – and she likely won’t complain about washing her breakfast bowl.
  5. She’ll ask for directions. Is Dad lost again? Even if he won’t admit it, having Mom in the RV is a good way to make sure you don’t stay lost for long. After all, she’s never been opposed to asking a friendly passer-by for directions.
  6. She’s prepared. Forgot the bug spray? No sunscreen? Don’t worry; if Mom is around, she’ll have everything you need. After you’ve raised a few kids, you’re accustomed to always carrying the essentials – and the emergency items – with her at all times.
  7. She’ll share her blanket. Why is it that Mom always has the best pillow and softest blanket in the RV? Don’t be jealous. If your mom is like any of ours, she’ll be willing to share.
  8. She tells a good campfire story. No need to fill the void with small talk; if Mom’s around, there’s always a good story (or five) to tell around the campfire. The trick will be finding one you haven’t already heard.
  9. She brought the marshmallows. Speaking of campfire, we’ll wager Mom will come prepared with marshmallows and graham crackers. It’s just a mom thing.
  10. She’s your mom! You don’t need any other reason to want to spend Mother’s Day with the woman who loves you more than anyone else!

Celebrating Mom RV-style this year? If you can’t think of a way to give back to the woman who gave you all, maybe it’s time to consider the gift of a beautiful RV upgrade! After all, those family road trips are the gifts that continue to give, and you’ll cherish the memories forever. Now go out there and celebrate mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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